Hmong People in the News

What kind of news do people really want? Some people like to read about War and Terrorism, others like bad weather, man-made and natural disasters and crime. Then there’s some who like politics and sports. Overall, it depends on what the person themselves likes to read. Americans would like to hear about money because the American economy is not doing very well, so Americans like to read about the status of money in their country. For the Hmong people it’s simple: as long as anything associated with the Hmong that makes the headline news.

            In 2005, Chai Vang was convicted of murdering six hunters and wounding two others on the second day of the deer season (Niskanen). However the Hmong people’s true response was quite unordinary despite how mournful the event may have been. The response is always screaming, “Hmong People! Hmong People on TV!” jumping with excitement while maintaining one finger pointed at the television. The rest of the family comes in rushing wondering about the commotion. They too, scream aloud, “Hmong People! Hmong People on TV!” in excitement with their fingers pointed at the television.

White people don’t jump up in excitement exclaiming, “White People! White People!” especially during the Jeffrey Dahmer incident and the Black people don’t jump in excitement exclaiming, “Black People! Black People!” during the O.J. Simpson trial either.

The major reason why Hmong people behave this way is because Hmong people rarely make the headline news. So when you hear someone screaming, “Hmong People! Hmong People!” and pointing towards someone/something pertaining to Hmong people; mostly likely that someone is Hmong.


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