Hmong people love to eat watermelons during the summer. Hmong people would purchase 6-15 watermelons per visit at the supermarket and they would also visit the supermarket as soon as they ran out of watermelons. They know the days when watermelons are to be restocked. They know the best prices for a watermelon. They know everything to know about watermelons.

What is this drive that causes the Hmong people to buy so many watermelons during the summer time? For the common reasons, it taste good and it quenches your thirst. Furthermore, Hmong people enjoy the health benefits of watermelon (the World’s Healthiest Foods and PubMed Central).

Another reason why Hmong people buy so many watermelons is because of their huge family size. Hmong families average about 6-9 children per household. In order for each family member to have a rational amount of watermelon for good health, about 2 ½ watermelons would be served to each family member. Before you know it, no more watermelons!

Did I forget to mention that watermelons are called watermelons for a reason? Yes they contain a lot of WATER, which means the human plumbing system needs to be flushed more frequently. For a Hmong person after eating 2 ½ watermelons, every five minutes up to thirty minutes will be devoted to the bathroom. Because lines to the bathroom will be long, it’s normal that some Hmong people have “their accidents” in their pants.

Overall this means bad news for the supermarkets. They will always run out of watermelons. How to counter this kind of watermelon devastation? 1) Plan early: know when the new stock of watermelon is coming to the supermarket. 2) Have Money: start saving money from your previous paychecks (credit cards are possible, but not recommended). 3) Action: after watermelons are restocked, buy as many watermelons as humanly possible. Remember to be aggressive because you’ll know when you see a Hmong.


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